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Here you can find the most recent fics I've managed to post up on the site. Since the enitre site is still in its infacy stage, there's not a lot at the moment. As I manage to get them up, they'll be listed here, newest listed first. If you're looking for something in particular, try the searth engine. Enjoy.

The Very Secret Diary of Lord High Summoner Braska

A parody. Read it.
Author: Amberlee - R - Posted: 3/04/03


(Tidus/Auron) A storm. Smut. Angst. Blitzballs. Hot tubs. Some other stuff.
Author: Fairy Armadillo - NC-17 - Posted: 3/04/03

Whispers of Poliahu

(implied Auron/Braska, Tidus/Rin) Auron talks about the past, Rin the future, and the person each man sees within.
Author: LN - PG - Posted: 2/11/03

Bare Feet

(Auron/Jecht) Auron reflects on his relationship with Jecht.
Author: Shawna - PG - Posted: 2/11/03


(implied Luzzu/Gatta) Lyric Wheel Vol. Vi There are some things that just can't be forgotten, some things Gatta would do anything to get back.
Author: YoujiK33 - PG-13 - Posted: 2/11/03

Promises to Keep

(Wakka/Tidus) Lyric Wheel Vol. VI Promises go beyond death.
Author: Shadow Flare - PG - Posted: 2/11/03

Oriole Spheres

(implied: Auron/Braska, Tidus/Rin) Lyric Wheel Vol. VI A "maybe/what if" fic. Tidus' thoughts as he puts them down into the recording spheres.
Author: LN - PG-13 - Posted: 2/11/03

Let's Go Get Stoned

(Auron/Jecht) Lyric Wheel Vol. VI "You can't do anything right, can you?"
Author: Celtica RavenDrake - R - Posted: 2/11/03


Lyric Wheel Vol. VI When the world and a dream hang in the space between, Auron lets go of the past and finds strength in an unexpected visitor.
Author: Amberlee - PG-13 - Posted: 2/11/03

Final Fantasy X - The Disco Years - (offsite link)

(LN: you name it, they'll probably do it...) "...an AU (Alternate Universe) Fan Fiction work. It takes the cast of characters from Square Soft's Final Fantasy X and turns them into people who live, work, and play in New York City in 1977. It is a work of humor and parody that slams at 1970's culture by thumbing its nose at Blacksploitation flicks, Hong Kong action films, and undercover cop/mob movies of the period." - Amberlee
Author: Amberlee - NC-17 - Posted: 12/13/02

Chilled Waters and the Essence of Pain

(JechtXAuron) Poetry Wheel Vol. V Jecht finishes his record in his Sphere and contemplates other things while standing in the water...
Author: Miracle Shining - R - Posted: 12/13/02

Myrrh Mists

(Tidus/?) Poetry Wheel Vol. V After the end of Sin and Tidus' story, someone feels the weight of a lost chance on their shoulders and seeks to make up for it, any way they can.
Author: LN - PG - Posted: 12/13/02

No Thank You's

(Auron x Kimahri) Poetry Wheel Vol. V Life's complications can turn remarkably simple when a person is with someone they love.
Author: Viredya - NC-17 - Posted: 12/13/02

Never Know

(Wakka/Tidus) Poetry Wheel Vol. V Post-Game, Wakka muses...on what could have been and what never can be, on stories never told and the voice that never was found until it was too late to speak...
Author: Shadow Flare - PG-13 - Posted: 12/13/02

Crystal Song
Part 2
Rose of Pain

A seemingly unsolvable murder is assigned to the Harpers Yuna Iriador and Rikku Al Bhed to solve...and Braska, being chased away from the crime scene, meets the mysterious Auron-and the young man has a lot more to him then meets the eye...
Author: Shadow Flare - PG-13 - Posted: 12/13/02

Crystal Song
Part 1

See Introduction: The Crystals
Author: Shadow Flare - PG-13 - Posted: 12/13/02

Crystal Song
The Crystals...

(Braska/Auron, Seymour/Auron, Wakka/Tidus) AU. Crystals, Harpers, and Daughters of the Moon. New Legends arising from a completely different world...
Author: Shadow Flare - PG-13 - Posted: 12/13/02

Part 2
The Shadow

(Seymour/Tidus, Auron/Tidus) When what one loves is on the edge of breaking...even a shadow can fight back.
Author: Lynne - R - Posted: 12/13/02

Part 1
Darker Side of the Soul

(Seymour/Tidus, Auron/Tidus) "If I can't have it, no one can..."
Author: Lynne - R - Posted: 12/13/02

The Secret

(Braska/Auron) The answer to the question in absolutely no one's mind...how did Yuna get her jewelry?
Author: Amberlee - PG-13 - Posted: 12/13/02

Chasing Shadows

(Luzzu/Gatta) Luzzu and Gatta always work together, but nothing is forever...
Author: YoujiK33 - PG - Posted: 9/17/02


(Tidus x Bickson) Much more is figured out on a particular day than expected.
Author: Viredya - G - Posted: 9/17/02

A Little Closer

(implied Jecht/Auron) A drunk Jecht says some things he doesn't mean to Auron. Can he fix the damage?
Author: Seishuku Skuld - PG-13 - Posted: 9/17/02


(Tidus/Wakka) This short story is a remembrance of the past in the future.
Author: Sarien Palth - PG-13 - Posted: 9/17/02

Echoes of Angels

(?x?) A moment with one of the fayth becomes a journey through memory for a certain young summoner....
Author: Dark Ki - G - Posted: 9/17/02

I Wish...

(AuronxJecht) Auron remembers Jecht as he watches Tidus.
Author: CrimsonShinigami - R - Posted: 9/17/02


(Auron/Kinoc, Auron/Jecht) Auron POV a fragmented reflection on past relationships and what it means to truly love someone.
Author: Amberlee - R - Posted: 8/28/02

An Old Friend
Part 1

(Rin\Braska) Yuna's pilgrammage may not be the only time the Al Bhed have tried to stop the summoners from completing their fateful journeys...
Author: Amber Michelle - PG - Posted: 8/28/02

Khepera's Wake
Part 3
"Running Dreams"

(Tidus/Rin) Rin finally makes it to Kilika... A near miss, a head-on collision, suspicions, and vouz.
Author: LN - PG - Posted: 8/23/02

An Intricate Conversation

(Tidus/Rin [+ Zachary] ) Rin finally has a talk with Tidus's mysterious 'old friend...'
Author: Miracle Shining - PG-13 - Posted: 8/22/02

A Stranger Conversation

(Tidus/Rin, implied Tidus/Zachary) A few weeks after returning to Spira, Tidus once again has a conversation with a familiar stranger. 
Author: Miracle Shining - PG-13 - Posted: 8/22/02


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