Submission Guide


The following document is based off the submission format at the RRYaoi Archive. Also, please note that this guide applies to submissions both through the FFX YML as well as individual submissions directly to me. Individual submissions can be mailed to me at .


Submission Format
Preferred submission format for fiction is text. Any other format sent through email (i.e. Rich text, html, etc) will not be archived.

Any links to fiction will be treated as such, so instead of converting, I'll simply link to the fic itself. This is solely because the program I use at the site is designed to accept text better than HTML, which may cause the formatting to look ugly/confused.

To ensure complete archiving of a fic, text is the preferred format.

Subject Line
Subject line for fics and/or pics should always start with one of the following:
[fic] (fiction) or [pic] (artwork)
Failure to use these may result in your work not being archived, as I rely on the headers in the subject line to know when someone is submitting their work.

Any warnings should be included in the subject line as well. An example of a correctly formated subject line for a multiple part fic is as follows:
[fic] Fic Title [1/?] [lemon]

[fic] tells me this is a fanfic submission and will be archived. This is followed by the fic's title. The next part, [1/?] specifies which chapter is being posted, and how many parts in total. If it is an undetermined number of parts, then use the "?" for the second number. In the example, [lemon] indicates the fic is a lemon (graphic sexual content) and is labeled accordingly. In the case of one-shot fics, the number of parts can either be omitted completely, or can be labeled as [1/1]. If a fic has multiple warnings, (i.e. lemon, angst, non-con, death, etc) then the following format is acceptable.
[fic] Fic Title [1/?] [warnings]

This will alert others to read the warnings in the body of the email carefully.

Message Body
The following format should be used in the body of the message, and will help in archiving the fic with the correct information.

(list the address that you wish to be linked to if different from the one being used to post with)
Part: (if more than one)
(List _all_ applicable warnings here)
Rating: (optional, using the US movie rating system: G - PG - PG-13 - R - NC-17 )

When writing, please use hard line breaks between paragraphs, or the fic will come out as one big blob of text.

Example: This is one paragraph...

...And this is another.

If you'd like your fic to have formatting, please consider using the following the legend and the appropriate tags will be placed in the archive.

\\word\\ = italic
**word** = bold
_word_ = underline

If you prefer using your own symbols, that's fine so long as a clear legend is placed at the beginning of the fic. This will help ensure proper formatting during conversion.

Any other formatting requests can be included as footnotes so long as the section to be formatted is specified.

Fan Art
Because of security, attachments have been disabled through the ML. There are two ways to submit art.

1. Upload the file at the group page on Yahoo. (
You can either let Yahoo automatically send a notification to the group, or else post a message yourself. The latter is preferred, (especially if posting more than one piece), as you can include the following information:

Pic Title: (if any)
(list the address that you wish to be linked to if different from the one being used to post with)
(If art contains any graphic content)
Rating: (optional, using the US movie rating system: G - PG - PG-13 - R - NC-17 )

2. Post a link to the picture. Again, the above info will help in archiving any work.

Note, once a picture has been properly archived, it will be removed from the Yahoo archive to conserve on space.

No Archive
Unless a fic proves too difficult to edit, all submissions through the ML will be archived. If you do not wish for your work to be archived, then include this as the first header in your subject line:
[no archive]

By doing so, you ensure that your work will not be archived at the site.

Unless otherwise stated by the writer, all characters are assumed to be the property of the original creators (in this case, Square).

All works of fanfiction/fanart belong to their respective creators. Plagerism is not tolerated. Any work that is found to have been stolen in one form or another will immediately be removed from the site.

Any questions, please email me at . Thank you.