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"A few words for our sponsor: Ins an' Ity"

First off, to anyone thinking of criticising this weird design (or this journal period), let me say a few things first. (Then if you simply must let your point be known afterward, I'm not responsible for the moron-o-meter breaking due to overload).

Yes, I know the design is weird. Yes, I know I shouldn't have a busy background where the text is. Yes, yes, yes, I know I'm breaking all manner of implied/expressed/limitating/anal rules of web deisgn in doing this.

So we've established that as a fact.


This isn't a site for public consumption.
This isn't a site trying to sell anything.
This isn't a site trying to be up there with the Joneses of web design.
This isn't a site that will get me fame, fortune, or notorioty.
This isn't a site made for the average surfer, (if in fact made for any surfer at all).
...and so on and so forth.

This is a site for my personal expression.
This is a site to reflect my views and opinions for myself.
This is a site to mirror my emotions at any given time.
This is a site to give me freedom of the above in a comfortable environment.
This is a site that allows me to rant and rave to the only being that will listen without judgement and/or prejudice... my computer.

But perhaps more importantly than any of those things...

Nobody is forced to be here.

That being said, if this admittedly eclectic design is not to anyone's liking, there are other sites I'm sure will be all to happy in serving the masses proper web design etiquette.

In short, feel free to leave.

I'm not out to make friends and/or allies here. I'm here solely to have an outlet that will keep me from killing the residents of this area... for a five mile radius. If anyone wishes to see how I go about performing such a task, you're welcome to do so...

...but in the end, I must selfishly proclaim that this is for me, and I shall do with it as I see fit, and that is all.

I may be the only one who reads it, too. I wouldn't be surprised after the previous piece. All well and good. This way everyone knows where everyone stands.

That being said, again, I am not responsible in case the moron-o-meter explodes.

Thank you.