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I still use moods when I'm making a post, but I didn't feel the images were always appropriate. So I removed them from the template, but the categories remained. Well, since I went through all the trouble of making those mood icons, I thought I could put them to work somehow. Hence we have the entries by mood list. I believe the link will point to the ten most recent entries for that particular mood, though I think you can still see earlier ones if you want. Not sure, and I don't see too many people using this outside of myself, to see perhaps what I'm thinking at the time I label an entry with a "mood".

That's enough rambling, let's see the list...

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amused amused
annoyed annoyed
anxious anxious
awake awake
blah blah
blank blank
busy busy
calm calm
cold cold
confused confused
content content
crappy crappy
crazy crazy
creative creative
curious curious
cynical cynical
depressed depressed
disappointed disappointed
distressed distressed
drained drained
ecstatic ecstatic
evil evil
exanimate exanimate
frustrated frustrated
geeky geeky
General General
groggy groggy
grumpy grumpy
high high
hopeful hopeful
hot hot
indescribable indescribable
indifferent indifferent
irate irate
lethargic lethargic
listless listless
lonely lonely
melancholy melancholy
naughty naughty
nauseated nauseated
nerdy nerdy
nervous nervous
nostalgic nostalgic
numb numb
pissed pissed
pleased pleased
quixotic quixotic
restless restless
rushed rushed
sad sad
sarcastic sarcastic
scared scared
sick sick
sleepy sleepy
sore sore
sympathetic sympathetic
thoughtful thoughtful
tired tired
traumatized traumatized
weird weird
working working

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