"Life, Drama, and Chore Wars"
03 / 08 / 08


This might be a teal deer on the feed. I wonder if there's a way to validate or create a tag exception so I can use an LJ cut from the blog? Hmm...

Life. Mom went to visit the grandmère yesterday, and mentioned she didn't look as well as she did just last week. So now we're wondering if she even has the 6 months the doctor gave her. I'll visit her next week, though I made the stipulation only if my sister isn't there. I just refuse to play nice when I really never wanted to see her again.

Drama, i.e. school. Much wank thanks to instructor with inconsistent grading, posting class policies into optional attendance areas, and taking such a hands off approach in general as to the point I consider him a glorified and overpaid grading TA who just marks the papers. I'm annoyed with the grading more than anything. For me, if I make a genuine mistake, I would like to be graded accordingly. If I screw up to where it's a failed assignment, give me the fail so I'll know from jumpstreet that I messed up. Do not give me leniency the first time, then grade harder the next unless you're telling me that's what you're doing. Basically, let me know I made the mistake so I won't repeat it. That's how one learns. (Imagine that.)

chichiri posted an interesting site link the other day. It's called Chore Wars. I believe the chores/tasks can be edited I want to use it for both my writing and schoolwork, just going to have a time figuring what's an adequate reward without making it too easy or hard. Will think on it.

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Penny Arcade did a pretty great comic on Chore Wars: http://www.penny-arcade.com...

Kit Kat - 03 / 09 / 08
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