"For the record"
02 / 27 / 08


I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm just stuck somewhere under a pile of schoolwork and family problems. On the family front, it looks like my cousin will be able to visit this Saturday.

Ah, and little mix-up. He's not my nephew. (I wish, but none of mom's kids are too keen about reproducing just yet.) He's a first cousin twice removed. (What a mouthful.) Though something tells me I will wind up being called aunt.

Maybe I'll have him call me tante.

School sucks. There's no other way to call it, really. I'm doing okay gradewise, but it's like school concentrate. And I can't add water.

And damn you, Marvel. Sabretooth is not supposed to look hot. And I certainly didn't want to get into a new series. ::grumbles::

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