02 / 22 / 08


As a general rule I tend to not like kids. But my cousin's son... he needs help because he's got two lousy parents, a grandmother (also my cousin) who doesn't give a damn, and a great-grandmother (my aunt) who plays favourites, of which he's not one. And I hear what he goes through and I want to help but I fucking can't. It's bad enough when I hear or read about other kids that go through this on the news and such, but knowing this is happening in my own family and there's not a bloody thing I can do about it. I hate this. And I want to scream at my sister not to tell me what's happening, yet I don't. I just feel so powerless because the only option I'd likely have would be to try and show she's an unfit mother (trust me, not hard) and take him myself. But I can't because I live with other people, plus I have the smallest room. (If I had the master I'd say screw it and the kid would share with me.) Yet calling Children's Social might get him tossed into the system which could be as bad if not worse.

It's not that he's being abused so much as just neglected. The kid's pretty much alone, his mother is unreliable and doesn't know the first thing about being a mother on the emotional level. Just, argh.

Is it wrong wishing I'd just never been told, if only because it feels like my hands are tied?

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Ugh, what a terrible situation. I was in something similar, where I was concerned that a friend was in an abusive relationship, but couldn't do anything because I didn't live with them, and the roommate didn't give a damn, etc. I never wished I wasn't aware of the situation, but it was definitely frustrating.

Is there anything you could do for the kid without being his official custodian? Just talk to him sometimes, let him know he can come to you if he needs help, buy him little useful presents or whatever. That way at least he'll know that SOMEONE cares.

Kit Kat - 02 / 22 / 08
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