02 / 20 / 08


I think everything is working, save maybe those email notices on the RP board. Not sure yet. Anyway, I still advise keeping an eye out. Support was and wasn't helpful. They fixed the obvious problems but 1: kept creating new ones, and 2: spoke to me like I didn't read their so-called tips and instructions when I damn well did. (Obviously if those had worked I wouldn't have needed to contact support now would I?) Hn.

In other (and for me largely triumphant) news, I finished scanning my graphic and related novels into LibraryThing. (I'm debating if I want to include my none Jp books/novels.) For the curious (it was 440 at last count), my catalog can be found at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/LNTora

The cover view is kinda pretty, but image heavy for those with slower connections.

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