Friday, February 22, 2008

(12:03 am PT) - Damn
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As a general rule I tend to not like kids. But my cousin's son... he needs help because he's got two lousy parents, a grandmother (also my cousin) who doesn't give a damn, and a great-grandmother (my aunt) who plays favourites, of which he's not one. And I hear what he goes through and I want to help but I fucking can't. It's bad enough when I hear or read about other kids that go through this on the news and such, but knowing this is happening in my own family and there's not a bloody thing I can do about it. I hate this. And I want to scream at my sister not to tell me what's happening, yet I don't. I just feel so powerless because the only option I'd likely have would be to try and show she's an unfit mother (trust me, not hard) and take him myself. But I can't because I live with other people, plus I have the smallest room. (If I had the master I'd say screw it and the kid would share with me.) Yet calling Children's Social might get him tossed into the system which could be as bad if not worse.

It's not that he's being abused so much as just neglected. The kid's pretty much alone, his mother is unreliable and doesn't know the first thing about being a mother on the emotional level. Just, argh.

Is it wrong wishing I'd just never been told, if only because it feels like my hands are tied?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

(1:41 pm PT) - damage count: 4
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So half of the packages sent so far have been damaged, and sounds like Mina's was a complete loss. Mina, I'll make you a new one come April.

I just got a response via email from the post office website. Allow me this one line.

"Thank you for visiting our web site. I apologize that the packages you sent were damaged, even though they were marked Fragile."

Yeah, I'm sure you're real broken up about that. So the local branch is going to call, and I'll be restraining myself to not reach through the phone and tie their balls in a knot.

Also, I'm going to do things differently. Instead of trying to send everything out at once from now on, I'm just going to send random packages throughout the year, and maybe a card on Xmas instead. This just... ::sighs:: I hate seeing my work and my gifts turn out this way.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

(8:58 am PT) - Reminder
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Again, if the post office screwed up and something in the box got totalled, please complain. There's a form on their site you can use, or you can call the 800 number

That being said, April or May, I will try and send replacements if you tell me what died in the box. I suppose I'll have to fork over insurance this time, though.

Mina, please let me know if your tape is okay. (If not, tell me how you got it and I'll work on replacing it. I just had no idea the shipping was going to be this horrendous.)

As I told Kalli, I feel like I paid the post office $80 to destroy my work.

Friday, July 15, 2005

(9:04 pm PT) - Ugh. Why do I let myself go so badly
[link] - (depressed / sore / scared)

How to tell when your in dental trouble. When you're looking forward to seeing the dentist.

It's my fault. All of it, because when life gets hectic the first thing I forget is taking care of my teeth. That, and I drink too much soda. (I'm trying to cut back, but it's hard when parties being in 12 and 24 packs.)

But I shouldn't have problems since I went to the dentist a couple of months ago, yes? Hah. That guy was a quack. Even when I begged off the root canal, he should've fixed all the regular cavities. No, he only fixed two. Um, yeah. So it took this long to track down an old dentist I used to go to and get an appointment there instead.

It's on the 21st. But if things turn before then, I'll go into somewhere and get it yanked. I don't want to lose it, but I must listen to whatever the pain levels say do.

Man, I could kick myself for this.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

(7:59 am PT) - ugh
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Did I thank everyone? I don't remember. Well, do it twice, just as nice.
Kit: Saiyuki 5 was a life saver. I was going to fall behind there. And darnit, I was trying to avoid Pretear manga. Now I'm cursed. ::weeps:: Ah well, I'll just live off noodles for a while.

Ronda: Did I mention the necklace is truly gorgeous? I've already assemebled an outfit around it. (I actually have a dagger I bought from the con that, if I could get away with it, would also match well. But I don't think anyone would let me accesorise like that.) BTW, the grean tea scent? I had to hide it before it was stolen from me. It's quite lovely.

Mirchan: Now I need a poster of Dante just to have a place to hang the doll with. And the dj? Definitely at the top of my (many) stacks.
Now I hope everything arrives to everyone intact. Unfortunately, the boxes were too big, and there's glass. Plus, well, we all know how careful the post office is about things, even when it's marked fragile.

To get caught up on all the series I collect will cost me $230, and that's not including the shipping.

Damnation, where's some rich old geezer to marry when I need one? I think keeping me in manga and anime is getting off cheap.

This list is mainly for my sake, so I'll know what I'm trying to get. Bold is the ones I'm aiming for this month, if at all possible.

Angel Sanctuary 2*
Aquarian Age - Juvenile Orion 5
Descendants of Darkness 2 3
Fake 7
Fruits Basket 2 3 4 5 6
Get Backers 6
Gravitation 9
Petshop of Horrors 8 9
Pretear 2 3 4
Saiyuki 6

Get Backers 3
Pretear 4

* I know there's a lot more volumes out, but I'm not in a rush there.

Remind me to make a "poor" mood icon.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

(7:32 pm PT) - Randomly...
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Anime: Zetsuai Bronze
Song: Mou Todokanai Kamoshirenai Hito E (It Might Not be Reachable Anymore)
Offense: depression inducing

This song depresses me to the 9th levels of hell and back, and I don't even know the translation for it. Damn that singer and his evocative voice.

No, I'm not going to talk about the fiasco of 2nd Nov. All I'll say is those who didn't vote and didn't have a good reason not to can go dig a pauper's grave and die in mass, kthx.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

(2:50 am PT) - More WR spamming. Feel my pain.
[link] - (depressed)

To: whoever wrote this series
Re: Wolf's Rain ep 29.

I hate you.

I hate you so much that I can't comprehend it. I despise you with a passion that can never be sated. My utter loathing of you can not be contained by these paltry words I'm forced to use.

God, I hate you.

(I suppose it's the mark of a good drama when it evokes such a response, but that doesn't make me feel any damn better.)

And to all those flatscans who said it was just something pretty with no substance, go suck a big fat one.

Ep 29
Death count: 3
Death total: 4
Eps remaining: 1
personal hate percentage: N^2

Thank Goddess I'll be able to go back to neurontin soon, cause I'm going to need it. And this is why I've come to shun all dramas. If it's not a comedy/drama hybrid, I'm not watching it. I refuse.

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