Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(5:40 pm PT) - And just because I don't spam often...
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To my fellow Slayers fans.

Squee with me now!

My day suddenly perked right up.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

(10:33 am PT) - 12... 1 2...
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If you're seeing this in your flist right now and there's an icon attached, then the LJ plugin is working. This is a trial run at the moment, so don't unsub the feed just yet. If you get any weird behaviour from this post, let me know so I can report to the plugin author.

edit: I know one thing it did that I don't like. I don't need all my posts tagged by the author's creditline, thanks. Sheesh. ::goes to fix::

edit 2: ::fiddle fiddle:: Was giving extra line breaks. Let's see if it's fixed...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

(10:57 pm PT) - Wacha!
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Got grades back from first block (2) of classes. This will probably be the only time in my revisited academic path that I'll average a 4 GPA.

Thanks for the links so far for this block's research. Do please keep 'em coming. Kalli has already consented to an interview, anyone else?

Friday, February 17, 2006

(8:01 pm PT) - I'm going to need serious help...
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So somehow... someway... my research paper that I must work on and hand in over the next eight weeks involves yaoi and slash fanfiction. It's my instructor's fault, I swear. Anyway, here's the tentative hypothesis.
Yaoi and slash fanfiction provides both a creative and therapeutic outlet to writers and readers alike. It also allows for exploration of one?s sensuality with less consequence as physical promiscuity.
So I'm going to need lots of help. I know people have done surveys before, so I'm only hoping I can get some feedback if I post some as well, (going to use a separate LJ for that, should be up next week). But also, anyone who has links to similar research papers, articles, and the like, please fork 'em over point me to them.

Pass this one on, because truly, I'll need all the help I can get.

(Couldn't go for something like same-sex marriages, noooo, that would've been too easy...)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

(2:31 pm PT) - Urg
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Yeah, I know, I owe a con report. But given that my life is consisting of oversized boxes, I can't find anything, and I'm still trying to work on NaNo, I trust I will be forgiven for being tardy.

But I just have to write about this, because it's not often I get to be a fangirl, (versus a fanlady, which I am always).

Every year I get at least one new obsession thanks to Ycon. This year was two, but since Spiral is licensed, I'll have to wait. The other? Meine Liebe. There's a plot, somewhere, but hell, I don't care. All the main charas are lovely, and it's set in this little offbeat, almost German like place called (don't laugh) Kuchen. I take it back, you can laugh. I did. But still... It's around I'm guessing 1940s or so, which is a strange timeframe for most anime. (I'm used to either modern, fuedal, or future.) But I like this difference.

Anyway, to the point, it's being fansubbed by Shining Fansubs, who have only one left to go. (13 eps total, 12 released so far.) And I just finished ep 7. There is so much damn subtext with Naoji and Orphe it might as well be canon at this point.

Damnit, if I wasn't moving and dealing with NaNo, I would so fic.

Next mission is finding out if there's a manga related to this. (That's usually the case, so...)

Friday, July 29, 2005

(7:10 pm PT) - Blogathon 2005
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We didn't do it last year, because it wasn't done, (officially). This year they cut it pretty close to the wire, but what the hell, we're insane.

That is to say, as per status quo, we at Blue Tumbleweeds will once again be participating in Blogathon. This year we're blogging for Physicians for Human Rights, (which was simply the charity out of a group of those for human/civil liberties that was pulled out a hat). You can find our profile for Blogathon here: BT Profile.

If you have a couple bucks/yen/pounds/etc to spare, and feel sadistic enough to make people stay up for 24 hours with no sleep, go for it. We'll do it, watch us. If you don't have the funds but hope to see us suffer anyway, then feel free to pass the word along to other sadists interested parties/sponsors.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

(11:48 am PT) - More plugin playing
[link] - (geeky / busy)

So I can, in a sense, have locked posts. The thing is, unless I say it's a locked post, anyone getting the rss feed wouldn't know it until they go to the page itself and get the login window. ... keen.

Now I'm testing multiple categories. Before I just had moods. But if I can have more than one and sub categories, well who knows. Just have to see how to rework the current layout and make sure nothing breaks in the feed.

Now I just have to figure out how to give out the password for people I want to see a locked post.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

(11:13 am PT) - Birthday limmerick
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I once met a lady online
we struck up a friendship so fine
A few years on down
we still kid around
We'll be RPing well after our prime

Happy Birthday, Mirchan. I'm sending your gift off today. Hope you'll like it.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

(1:26 pm PT) - huzzah
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Finally finished all the mods I want to add to the villes. It's all working okay on my local, so next step is backing up what's on the server and moving it over. Which I'll do... later.

And, yanked from Byrdie for your enjoyment, because passing along weird links is part of the fun, vulva puppets. This makes the titlebar for Locuran strangely apropos.

Oh yes, Kit, there is a Legal Drug 3.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

(10:00 am PT) - Spiffy Archive
[link] - (geeky)

My Locuran archive is now... geeky. Spiffy geeky, no less. I am pleased.

Point? Hah.

Also, I'm the proud owner of an annoyed Neko Kyou totebag, a Nintendo DS, and in a week, DMC3.

Point? Yeah, right.

I have to wait a couple of days before I start my March manga/anime shopping, so I know what I'm dealing with.

Mina, should be sending tape and CD back to you no later than Saturday.

Mirchan, Just looking for a box to ship so the artbox doesn't cave in. Knew I should've kept that styofoam insert.

Kit, so, heal any of the cuddlies yet? (And I will get Kroko soon as they have him back in stock. He's my personal fave.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

(7:26 am PT) - More weapons to fight comment spam
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Interesting article in the Google blog to help against comment spam. It doesn't actually fight it, but it does take away the perks that are causing it. Check it out:
Google Blog - preventing comment spam

Saturday, January 01, 2005

(11:23 pm PT) - away she goes
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Second day playing KH:CoM. Though I may as well say first, since I started over from the beginning today. So from start to present, at 8 hours in, I'm just starting the Monstro level. Don't know if that's decent progress or not, but there you are.

It's rather easy once you get used to it, but my biggest pet peeve is the fact that you have to run around and grab your experience points before they disappear, while still in a battle. Gee, S-E, like we didn't have enough trouble what with the limited fighting space and all. Thanks a bunch. /¬.¬\


Friday, August 20, 2004

(10:05 pm PT) - theraputic
[link] - (geeky)

Gone on a PSP sabbatical. Net life minimized. Will writer later.

Friday, August 13, 2004

(11:43 am PT) - More reasons why AIM sucketh
[link] - (geeky)

From an article posted 10th August 2004:
'Critical' AOL IM flaw exposed - silicon.com

Monday, July 19, 2004

(5:34 pm PT) - Coming Soon from Vitrelecix!!
[link] - (geeky)

I don't care what anyone says, I want this game!

Sweet cuppin' cakes.

Monday, May 24, 2004

(8:24 pm PT) - mood - flatscan
[link] - (geeky)

Dear family,
   Do not ever doubt that I love you.
   However, feel free to doubt how much I can tolerate you.
- LN

And now, to my online cohorts, a request. If you have a nifty tip about anything, from cooking to freeware program to just how to do something, share it. I love tips. I love getting and sharing them. So feed my cravings.

Speaking of which, the mother-unit got this tip on how to make crispy fries out of fresh potatoes. If you've ever tried and just got those limp fries, well limp no more.

Thing is, you're going to need a candy thermometer.

Yup, afraid so. You'll need it to get the oil to the correct temp. And it's a two cooking step process.

The tip comes from a radio cooking show the mother-unit called into. Fortunately, said tip was put up on the host's website, so you can see it at:

So no more limp potatoes.

In random inane news, I have an all access pass into Mina. Somehow that sounds really wrong, yet funny.

Monday, December 08, 2003

(8:54 pm PT) - too many marshmallows
[link] - (geeky)

Now hiring myself out as an evil minion. Will carry out diabolical schemes, though contract will state I have a 30% margin for screwing up, as minions are wont to do. Will torture for mastermind's amusement. Will do some grunt/fetching work. Will stroke overblown and oversized ego, or oversided anything else for that matter. Might throw in an occasional footrub. This minion job does not include dying to protect mastermind, so list me as cowardly, as I'll take off at the first sign of my impending death.

All offers can be left in the comment box.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

(8:15 am PT) - LJ? No, GJ.
[link] - (geeky)

So while going over my associates page one last time yesterday, I follow a link from Moon-chan to an LJ clone service, GreatestJournal. It must just be starting off, as there's still some links going where they shouldn't. However, they have a much higher limit to the number of icons. And while I don't know yet if it will become a paid option, I was able to create a custom style for free. (Though all I did was do a copy/paste for my LJ one. I should make a new one for this place.)

I know what you're thinking. "You don't even use your LJ, why would you go get something from GJ?" For one, mirrors. On the off chance something happens here, I have places that I can still post to. Second, the styles. This gives me a good place to test out possible LJ styles without breaking my own. (The only way to do that on LJ is to buy another account.) Three, well, just because. I find I rather have something I don't need now, only to find a use for it later, than need something I don't have.

I'll probably play around with it once the payment goes through. I do have to pay to use syn points and such, and I want to see if it reads rss feeds the same way.

In other news, the LVS finally has a PHP class, so I'm taking that over the course of November. Unfortunately, the short story writing class is on hiatus. Bummer.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

(10:13 pm PT) - Geek alert - css note
[link] - (geeky)

For the longest time I was told only one class per object. Every stinkin' css tutorial I've ever read since I fell into the whole valid code syndrome many a moon ago all but shouted "one class per object."

All you can kiss petunias.

It's very easy to have multiple classes affecting one object. Simply use spaces.

<tag class="class1 class2">

And while this is really a minor thing, it just proves how dangerous misinformation can really be, moreso than complete ignorance. Why do I say that? Especially with something as trivial as stylesheet classes?

It's true, that's why. Yes, this is trivial, but imagine misinformation that's been handed down over the past, or even more recently. Ignorance is one thing, misinformation pisses me off. If this were something more sensitive, say regarding a health warning or something similar, my life or others could have been put in peril because of wrong data being passed around as standard.

Hey, Raine, do you think this might help that box dilema we had?

Sunday, January 12, 2003

(10:33 pm PT) - Brain-dead
[link] - (geeky)

Crap, knew I forgot something.

Thanks for teh link, Kaie, unfortunately, that's still not everything.

Domino, sorry, AIM was being a downright whore, so I'll just go ahead and work on setting it up and have it ready by tomorrow.

::trots back off to work on local Nucleus install::

Friday, December 27, 2002

(9:19 pm PT) - Sweet code
[link] - (geeky)

So I've been messing with the newsfeed plugin. Peculiar bug in it that shows -1 of the number of headlines I specify. I can live with that. Nice thing, I can grab anything generating a decent RSS feed. Unfortunately, I can only do that if I know the url to the feed. I'm pretty sure most Pitas have one, as all LJs do, but I don't know the url, so I can't grab it.

However, anyone wanting to let me syndicate them can do so, just send a message. It will require some recoding of your template on your part, but not too much.

Reminds me, Harlen, that rss feed is so wonky it's painful.

Raine, there's a problem with your feed, it's not generating the full path to the item. You might want to check your xmlrss template when you get a chance and make sure it's giving the full url before the item id.

Blue Tumbleweeds wasn't generating a decent feed. The xmlrss template was missing. ::glances at tumbleweeders:: Anyway, that's been fixed.

All LJ feeds are confused. If there's no subject, it shows only a few, and I mean very few, of the first words. If there is a subject, it shows the subject and disregards the item description altogether.

So in short, the plugin works, however, it's not 'pretty', so next step is working on a layout.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

(10:51 am PT) - Okay...
[link] - (geeky)

I installed the RSSFeed plugin. Now I just have to 1: figure out how to put it on a different, non Nucleus page, and 2: layout. But I'm being assaulted by noise, so it will have to wait.

Monday, December 23, 2002

(2:36 pm PT) - Pleasant Hardwork Programming
[link] - (geeky)

Over at Nucleus, there's a plugin (supposedly) does just what I've been wanting in order to make that hub page to gather different friends RSS feeds into one place. The plugin is hee and requires Nucleus 1.55 to use it. I'll try it probably sometime tomorrow if I don't get to it today. I also put in a plugin request I hope some kind soul will hanser in regards to moods, because I don't always want a mood in place, but by using the category feature as I am now, I don't have a choice. I wish I were more versed in the art of PHP, so I could just do it myself. Well, soon. I think I'll b e able to take an online class between January/February. Just hope it will teach me something useful.

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