Sunday, February 03, 2008

(11:01 pm PT) - formula of the day
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student evaluation of peers class work = massive moronic sucking on Stupidity.

I could go into detail, but I'll be nice and just leave it at that. I hate reviewing peer work and I hate peers reviewing my work. Honestly, if they're in class along with me, they know as much as I do, and I don't find that a good qualification to allow them to review it, thanks.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

(10:56 am PT) - So much for hope
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I was hoping to get at least a week into the new year before getting annoyed at anything.


Dearest mater, I do love you, and I do enjoy some of our philosophical talks we have at times. That said, me sitting in front of my comp checking emails/blogs while juggling food is not a time to have one of those talks.

Dear sibling of the male persuasion, when there's two parties involved in a discussion that wakes you up, despite it being after 10am, and one of those involved is your mother, it does not give you permission to bitch at me about being woken up. This is especially true when I've had the same amount or less sleep than you.

Dear stalker, aka admissions counsellor, I understand it's likely in your job specs, and that you really do have students whose hand you need to hold every step of the way. But I believe I've proven time and time again that I'm not one of them. If I have a problem, I'll call you. So quit stalking calling me. Instead, ask your people why is it that I can get my forms in and yet they still haven't filled them out and sent them along.

Ugh, a bitchwhinebitch post and it's not even the 7th. Damn.

Anyway, to other topics. I need to write, but I'm being pulled in a few different directions. Any advice on what to narrow it down to?

Remember last year the mainly unsuccessful 'four paws' filter? If you don't, then you know why it was unsuccessful. Anyway, I figured out what was wrong. I need a timetable. To that end I will revise it at IJ, making a weekly post either every Sat or Sun about whatever random semi-poetic thought runs across the lobes. So if you want on/off, let me know.

Gift crafting coming along okay. Armature wire also makes for great candle holders when bent properly.

Friday, December 28, 2007

(12:23 pm PT) - [censored]
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#@$%!@&$#$!#(&(!!! <= result of someone not putting a spoiler for Sweeney Todd behind a cut.

Dammit, for once I didn't want to know the ending. I wanted the full emotional impact because I knew it probably wouldn't be a 'happily ever after' ending, but I didn't know what exactly it would be.

Fuck fuck fuckinah fuck.

I'm still going to see it, but I really didn't want to know that ending.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

(8:52 pm PT) - annoyed
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Apologies to anyone trying to get in contact with me. AT&T screwed up our phone lines, literally. My brother was trying to get a second line turned on in his room, but somehow instead of that, he's accessing the mainline and kept subsequently cutting me connection off whenever he used his phone. So my connection wasn't stable for awhile. We figured the problem out finally and he won't use his phone until the wiring's fixed, but to anyone who was looking for me, that's what happened.

Monday, May 01, 2006

(10:51 am PT) - Grr
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I'm going to bump heads moreso with this instructor than last, it seems. Someone explain to me why she felt a need to remind me at 8:17pm last night that I had an assignment due before midnight? Um, hello, I freakin' know, and I have a good three hours at the time of said reminder to get it in. If she'd bothered looking at my work last week, she'd have noticed that I tend to post somewhere between 10-11 at night. So I don't need any damned reminders, thanks. It's a waste of time to write, and a waste of time to read.

::chants mantra:: IT grads can earn up to $44k a year. Remember, remember, remember...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

(3:12 pm PT) - ICANN screws over .com
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I got this in my GoDaddy newsletter. Anyone with a .com may find it interesting, since this is the first I heard about it. And considering I hate VeriSign, well, makes me glad the only .com I have is defunct, so I won't miss it if I have to change it over to something else. Far as BT goes, it'll become .net once the reg is up. Cut for length.

VeriSign owns your .com now

Sunday, January 01, 2006

(2:57 am PT) - Argh
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Reason for my silence? When I have something that I wanted done and finished days ago, but Fates are being bitchy, it weighs on my mind until I can't do anything else too well. Yes, this goes even for chocolate dongs. I swear, every time I go to do the dongs, something has stopped me time and again.

Oh yes, feel free to crack up at this point. No post can be taken seriously when involving dongs, I know.

Anyway, from me getting sick to mom getting sick to all things in between have stopped me. The latest incident is the sudden missing bag of milk chocolate chips. (I need two bags for three dongs, hollow at that, though I'm hoping to inject a filling once I'm done.) I was not happy, as I know I had them. I saw them. Yet when it came time to melt them, the damn things were gone, poof, without a trace. Same for a bag of white chocolate chips, but at least I have backups there.

All New Years, I'm going to ignore the parade, ignore any due assignments, chain myself in the kitchen, and finish those damn [censored] dongs.

And I will be done, and things will ship Tuesday, even if I have to steal my sister's car to get me to the post office to do it.


Ronda, got your package. Promptly had the soap stolen from me by the M-unit, and had to fight her off the box. (She's a container fanatic. If it's a cute box, she loses it.) Loved the scents, thank you!

I will not rest until those dongs are done.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

(9:13 am PT) - I'm here, sorta
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Before I say anything and rant as I know I'm going to, Mirchan, I hope everything's okay, that surgery went well, and soon as you feel up to it, we'll hopefully talk soon. Take care of yourself, luv.

Well, a pleasant surprise, I was able to access my DSL almost immediately. Unfortunately, it's still intermittent because I have to keep the phone mainly clear, and during the rushed packing/moving, we didn't bring enough phone cords for both my comp and the phone itself. (Need either three, or two with the correct connector.) Though I don't know how anyone will use the phone, because I don't have the dsl filters on. But, after the fiasco, attitudes, and whatnot of yesterday, and people still giving me money grief today, I honestly don't give a shit.

BTW, anyone need a roommate?

Anyway, if anyone needs me, send me an email. I'll check that regularly through the day.

Oh, impressions of the new place? I hate it. Once again I'm forced into a room that is not big enough for all my things. And why? Because the m-unit wants to complain about the cost of storage, (which is split three ways), and wants to say how my brother has so much equipment, yadda yadda yadda. I have a six drawer dresser that I'm being forced to get rid of because she wants it gone. (It was my grandmother's, her mothers. I guess sentiment means nothing, though.) Plus my computer desk, (which got damaged, but all they say is I should've helped more. I couldn't have helped with that if I wanted thanks to my knee.). My bed, (though I wouldn't be surprised if they tell me to sleep on the floor at the rate they're going), my chair, my treadmill, and two sets of these, only mine are 6 cubes, (2 x 3), not four. As it stands, my treadmill won't fit. My chair will, but it won't be able to move far. The only way I can put up shelves is to go along and get rid of the dresser, because being in EQ land, one does not put heavy shelves over their bed. Basically, I'm being screwed. I probably sound whiny about it all, and should consider the fact I have any place, but I'm getting damn sick and tired of what this family thinks of me and how they treat me.

But I'm a middle child. And it seems in the great scheme of things, ALL middle children get screwed.

So like I said, anyone need a roommate.

Now I'm going to bemoan the fact that I missed a day's worth of NaNo, and try to somehow pull 4k out my ass at some point today.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

(3:32 pm PT) - Pisstivity
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I once had the Music Generator for the PC. Once. I made the mistake of loaning it out twice, and it's somewhere lost among my brother's possession, with little to no hope of getting it back just because he's a lazy slug that won't look like I've asked.

What makes this worse, however, is I went looking around to try and find a copy to buy, and I can't even find that. Yes, I was willing to pay, (versus some software that I'm... less than willing). But how can I when I can't even find the damn thing.

At this point, I honestly don't care if it's a legal version or not, I just want it back


Friday, October 07, 2005

(12:55 pm PT) - ::fumes::
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Dear ebay seller who just sent my invoice. If you have two shipping options listed, then tell me to wait for the invoice before paying, do not send me said invoice with the higher shipping automatically included in the price. Otherwise, why bother having a choice!

::breathes:: If I want priority mail, that's my decision. If I want first class, that's also my decision. If you don't want me to have first class, and insist on the more expensive priority, don't freakin' offer first class at all! Because I will report it if you force me to choose the higher one even though you had an alternate in the listing.

I'm calm, really.

Larissa, Sunday sounds excellent. I just have to make sure I'm either at the hotel around 9ish pm for my ride, or the bus depot around 10ish. And... what's Lush and Good Vibrations?

Mirchan, no worries! There actually is (I think) a training area in the game, so that's what I thought you meant. Since it's fictional, though, it'll work out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

(6:03 am PT) - dental, MS rant, stuff like that
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Okay, the dental. Just got my teeth cleaned for now, because he wants to break everything up. I go in next week for some fillings on the right side, then a week later for the left, then an RC for the last. Not happy. But oh well, what's a person to do. I will say I love this guy a hundred times more than the last quack I went to. He's very patient, understanding, and when I admitted to being a coward, he said, "I am, too." So yes, I feel I'm in good hands.

Okay, rant. If I were into groups like fanficrant, I'd go there, but I'm not. I'm more comfortable ranting here, so when some clod gets a stick up the ass and wants to call me on it, I'll impolitely remind them that this is my journal, and they're the moron who came here to read, not the other way around.

So the rant, Mary Sue like fics. Not them in general, but a certain way these writers introduce the characters. And that is through blood, when it's a pretty clear case that no blood relation could feasibly exist.

I'm getting bombarded with this in the Saiyuki section of ffn, (which I still visit because I am a masochist, obviously). While I may entertain the idea of Hakkai having an unknown sibling around, I refuse to even give it a thought for the other three. In Goku's case, just no way. Not unless the person writes a novel explaining how the earth gave birth to another heretic. It's not not going to happen. Gojyo, nix. His mother died, his father ran off. If he had a sibling, they'd only be half, not full. Even if they themselves were another half-breed, they will not be a full-blood sibling. Sanzo, while he may have siblings, let's look at the situation: he was tossed in a river while still an infant. He's in his twenties now. I doubt if any sibling would even be able to recognise him as such, unless he had some sort of prominent birthmark, which isn't the case.

It's not just Saiyuki, I see this in FB, Zelda, and dozens of others. While I'm not going to say MS fics are the worst things in the world, (though some come pretty close), I will say that improbable and impossible pre-established relationships are becoming quite irksome. If you want to say the person was someone from the canon character's past, go for it. It's certainly a possibility in many cases. But saying it's a sister/cousin/niece/daughter/etc... um, no. It defies the laws of believability, and the laws of my lunch, which I will hurl if I'm ever unfortunate enough to actually read one of these types of fics.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

(8:35 pm PT) - no wonder door-to-door sellers are as hated as telemarketers
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I am an old toon head. Bypassing the era of truly crappy cartoons (60s-70s, most of which from Hanna-Barbera), I have always enjoyed toons. The first Loony Toons, Woody Woodpecker, the very cheezy works of Thundercats and He-man. Yes, I've watched many and loved many.

So when I found out Boomerang was airing Pink Panther toons, which I haven't seen in YEARS, I was of course toongasmic.

Now then, someone explain to me this phenomenon: I'm finally sitting down, wearing no shirt, watching as the first toon comes on...

...only to have some wannabe college boys selling papers knock on my fucking door.

What, do they have some sort of radar? Are they tapping my tv line to know when is the absolute WORST time to come and ask for a handout? What is it?

Not that I could help anyway. I just busted my wallet with my manga purchase, as posted earlier today.

But seriously, why? What is it, pheromones or something that broadcasts a signal to bother me on those oh-so-rare occasions when I actually watch TV, because I don't do it often.

Sheesh. And they wonder why we get put out with them so easily.

Monday, July 04, 2005

(4:08 pm PT) - My room doesn't have an open door policy, Even if the door is open.
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One of the things I hate about summer is I have to keep my door opened. This means that people feel they're free to walk in whenever they please. No. I don't really care to have people loitering in my room. I would prefer not to have anyone in here at all, in truth. I wish I could set up a com unit similar to how people who visit someone in an apartment complex have to use a com to be let in by said person.

Yes, I'd use that so if they have a question, they don't have to come in to ask me.

The reason for this anti-social flight of fancy is due to my brother coming in here while on the phone. Apparently he had a question for me, but instead of telling the person on the other end to hold on, then quickly ask me so he can LEAVE, he's going to continue the phone conversation for a good five minutes more. So he's just standing there, talking, and I'm this close to wringing his neck if he doesn't get to the point and get the hell out.

Sometimes I dearly wish I were an only child. But then I'd probably have been a spoilt-rotten bitch. Ugh, that thought scares me.

Wait, I am a spoilt-rotten bitch. Nevermind.

Fic sent off to Ycon anthology people. I don't think it will make it in, though. Just have that feeling. Oh well, I tried.

Now to finish these stickers, then work on an ad for the programme book.

Randomly, ever since the lovely necklace from Ronda, I've been dipping into beading. Finally made a decent pair of earrings to go with said necklace. Now I need to get some more supplies and try something a bit more elaborate, soon as I get a decent set of needlenose pliers.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

(12:47 pm PT) - Firefox: love hate relationship
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I have very few peeves with Firefox, but boy, the ones I do have a truly high on the annoyance scale.

The main one being the whole "Find as you type" crap. Either you can turn it on, and get the annoying find bar after every single letter, or turn it off, and lose the use of the ' and \ keys instead. Being someone who times in textboxes a lot, this is extremely annoying. And it happens most often with hotmail and livejournal, where I do a good 30-40% of my textbox writing.

I want it off, completely. If I want to find something on a page, I know how to use ctrl+F very well. In fact, that's all I want to use, period.

Damnitall, I enjoyed firefox so much more before they added that.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

(1:30 pm PT) - Obviously it's going to be one of those days, no matter what I do
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Someone explain to my family that, if the neighbours get loud and obnoxious, getting equally loud and obnoxious with out stereo does NOT help. It makes it worse. And being someone who doesn't believe in using loud music as retribution, but as a means of cocooning myself from outside noises, hearing said neighbours blast more of their music in retribution to the retribution only makes me more pissed.

And the kicker, I don't like any of it. Not what they play, and not what my family plays.

Think if I blasted old Rob Zombie, they'd see to calling in a priest for an exorcist?

Screw it, I'm going to look at some old Slayers tapes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

(7:35 pm PT) - Shinzo... no
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So I looked at a random episode of Shinzo, just to see what it's like. And I can honestly say that, thanks to the ep I watched, I have never in my anime viewing years felt such an immediate and extreme hatred for a character as I did for Yakumo. And no, it's not because she's a femme. She could've been a three-eyed walking onion. It's just what she did.

Apparently she's a pacifist, yet she's in a kill-or-be-killed world, with three beings that have volunteered to guard her. She preaches non-violence to the point of willingly sacrificing her own life if need be. (Have I mentioned how those types of characters, especially when they're female, really d nothing for me? Give me a good Lina Inverse any day of the week.) Yet when one of her guardians kills a guy who was this || close to eating her, she turns around, slaps him, and says because he lives by violence, she can't travel with him anymore.

You know, Rinoa used to be at the top of my list of characters I could never like, even if paid to. She's just been bumped off, and I doubt if I bother looking at any more of this series just for that. Yes, I'm that stubborn. It's got decent character designs, and looks like an okay plot, but that one scene? Total and complete turn-off.


Anyway, I still have some work to do, and day two of Nostalgia Week is coming, so I'd better get back to it. You know a rant when you see one, though.

Oh, Kaie. Yes, that was from blogathon 2002. July 27-28 exactly.

Monday, December 13, 2004

(2:43 pm PT) - Xmas is early
[link] - (annoyed)

I have in my possession a CD and a fic, both from Mina. I feel loved. Mina, I'll look at both either tonight or tomorrow.

In other news, I have two plugins installed thanks to the incident mentioned yesterday. They're called blacklist and commentcontrol. Blacklist is just what it sounds like, so comments that have either one of several domains in it, or just certain keywords will not be posted, and the entity in questioned will get redirect to http://winplanet.webopedia.com/TERM/S/spam.html. (Though if anyone has a better page I should send them to, let me know. So far it's only two phrases, which I don't see being used by anyone I know, so I'm not worried. If you find yourself at that page, then you know why.

The second plugin, commentcontrol, helps to moderate comments to entries older than a month. They won't be published right away, but are kept in a cache waiting for approval. (Unfortunately, I don't get an email notification for this, but C'est la vie.) This plugin has a two-fold purpose: control comment spammers, and stop those morons that google onto my page and want to add their two cents. Of course this will reselt in a smaller idiot collection for me to trash for personal snark and amusement, but I think I'll live.

In truth, I didn't want to use either plugin. I have having to put limitations on such things, but I don't have a choice as long as you have evil, (I find the word fitting), greedy numbnuts who will essentially tag your site in the hopes of getting a few measely cents added to their affiliate account.

Maybe the next plugin will be useful, like reply notification for those who comment. Real comments, that is.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

(2:45 pm PT) - Not quite back
[link] - (annoyed)

Before anyone asks, no, I'm not back. This is a temp dialup I'm using for the moment. Earliest I'll have my freakin' DSL: This coming Friday. Latest, this coming Monday, so pray/cross fingers it's Friday, because I'm nutting up over here.

And we're going to have phone wars if my brother thinks he's going to use the phone from 7pm straight through the night. I want a 2 hour block between 9-11pm. I don't think I'm being unreasonable. And besides, my usage is only for a few days, then once the DSL is on, I dump dialup like a bad habit.

Why can't these things ever go smoothly?

So that's the status so far. Oh yes, Kit, while I got the CDs, (thank you), you seem to have forgot ep 33. If you give me an email, I can set up an ftp for you to upload it to, then I'll grab it from there, if that's alright. Either that or mail it, whichever you prefer.

It's hot. I'm laying down now and grumbling about the evils of dialup and uncompromising brothers who need to get their love life in better order.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

(5:41 pm PT) - Chaos reigns supreme
[link] - (annoyed)

Before I begin, best quote ever.

Now that out of the way, it appears SBC has seen fit to disconnect my dsl, all without warning me, or sending any notice of possible service interruption if bill wasn't paid by such-n-such a date. It was paid yesterday, but apparently the order for the disconnect was put in on the third. Again, there was no letter sent, which from what I gather is the job of the collection agency.

Not only that, but in order to get it back, it would cost an additional 180 (even though it was there fault for not providing aufficient warning), plus it would take until the 15th. Well, considering we're moving anyway, plus I wasn't sure if the dsl would go to that area, I've decided to give them a big, fat, "fuck you" finger, and call direcway for that satellite connection.

So anybody who's ever had that one, please give me the pros and cons if you can. I just want to avoid cable as much as possible.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

(12:17 pm PT) - I doubt if people who use the word nowadays would last one week in a real one.
[link] - (annoyed)

While looking for css tips, I ran across the following article, with the title quoted as "Web Design Ghetto?"

Yes, that's the name of the article. Speaking as someone who knows what the hell a real deal "ghetto" is, I'm getting sick and tired of seeing this word become fucking trendy. So, we link to the definition, in the hopes that someone passes it on to save a person the absolute embarrassment of letting "ghetto" pass through their lips without knowing what it really means.

Definition of Ghetto

Sunday, May 23, 2004

(9:54 am PT) - You are your own biggest asshole
[link] - (annoyed)

If that subject line doesn't make sense, allow me to explain. There are those who others would call an ass, then there are those who represent themselves as such all on their own merit, and usually better than any second or third party ever could.

Usually I don't go to author profiles, especially in ffn. But sometimes there's a person, usually a reviewer, who makes me twitch badly, and I need to have my suspicions comfirmed.

And they were.

Also, I normally don't point out people like this, but then again, sometimes you have to warn others of the serious asshole-y potential, so they can avoid or deal with it as they see fit.

I present exhibit A. First, without reading, notice the monstrously long "bio." You'd think this person wrote their whole life story there. Second, check out their views on flaming, and why they do it. Though frankly, the first line cinches the asshole nature with the use of swearing for a ridiculously innocuous/inane item. But going back, they feel they have a right to flame, they come up with (rather flimsy) excuses for this right, then have the nerve to write GW/SM crossover fics.


Anyone, and I mean anyone, who writes overdone/overbad crossovers does not have a right to flame anyone else. Maybe that's just me, but seems like this is a target waiting to happen.

Times like this I wish I was a flamer, but I like to think I hold myself in a higher regard than people like that.

Edit Just read some reviews on this person's fics, and noticed whenever there is a flame, all of this person's "friends" jump on said flamer. So what we have here is someone wanting to be/acting like a BNF. Well, with that label, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about anything.

However, there was one well thought out response to this person's ideals of flaming, to which nobody, not the writer nor their friends, bothered to respond to. And because I can appreciate this person's comments so much, I hope they don't mind if I quote them here.

"To whom it may concern:
It is at times like these that I become painfully aware of the ironies and trajedies in life. You are indeed a skilled author, but you should reflect upon your actions and the definition of the phrase "constructive criticism". "A well rounded critique is often the most rewarding tool for the writer." That is the final line in the "Submit Review" window. From what I have read of your "well rounded" critiques,I have concluded that you are most certainly anything but. The degredation and insults you write concerning another's works are extremely irritating.

You apparently have a tremendous amount of anger that, though I don't know the origins, cause you to become childish and arrogant. I have had the displeasure of reading a "flame" that you gave to an author that I felt had a good idea even if the writings were not up to par. Your use of foul language was unnecessary and no doubt unappreciated. A self-respecting author would take into account that people who have the courage to publicly display their ideas and stories doesn't deserve any attempt at humiliation from an angst-ridden primadonna such as yourself.

That is all I have to say on the subject. If you would like to renounce any of these implications, feel free to email me. The address should be present."

Whoever you are, miss, I love you. You make me have a smidgeon of hope that not everyone who writes/reads fic is going to become an ass.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

(10:15 pm PT) - AIM kept missing...
[link] - (annoyed)

In case it wasn't painfully obvious, I won't be on AIM tonight. It kept losing my buddy list. I officially gave up around 9, but didn't post until now as I was in the middle of an upgrade that caused some problems afterwards. That's fixed, but AIM's still being a louse. With luck, it will have fixed itself tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm going to crochet. If I'm lucky, I'll up the row count to 45. If I'm insane ambitious, I could make it to 50.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

(9:02 am PT) - asshat293
[link] - (annoyed)

If there's one thing I can't stand, among the myriad of things that cheese me off, it's know-it-alls who know not a damn thing.

So the moron also known as the mother-unit's bf claims that part of the constitution was already amended to take away peoples rights in the form of the patriotic act and the homeland security act. If someone can prove or disprove this with actual fact, please point me in teh right direction, because of course said moron makes these bold statements without any information to back himself up.

Anything I can do to take this fucktard down a few pegs is always a good thing, IMO.

Monday, February 23, 2004

(6:30 pm PT) - OoT randomness
[link] - (annoyed)

So I'm playing Ocarina of Time for the Nth time, because it's just fun, even with the myriad of annoyances. (Huh, and it doesn't hold a candle to Master Quest or Majora's Mask for frustration factor.) I'm currently in the Fire Temple, and I'm about ready to play the Drinking Game, because every single time the stupid talking rocks [Gorons] mention the "Goron's special crop," I need a drink.

It's a bomb. The first couple of times they said this might have been okay, but now I'm gritting my teeth and wishing I could feed them to Volvagia just to shut them up.

Point? With that subject line, you expected a point?

Sunday, December 28, 2003

(12:05 pm PT) - Stupid on a Sunday Morning
[link] - (annoyed)

Dear whoever's in charge of this mudball,
Let it be known that I don't appreciate getting hit with a massive amount of Stupid when I arrive at my comp in the mornings. Please ease off the idiot spice, as this world has more than it's fair share.

For example, just because I have a name generator that common sense would tell the average person is not for anything but entertainment purposes, this does not make me an expert on magical names. HelLO, the whole point in getting a name is to find it for yourself. If you find it through the generator, great. If not, look somewhere else, please. Don't assume I can help you. For that matter, don't assume I want to after you voice your displeasure about the generator in and of itself. If I wanted a plain list of names and their meanings, I'd have done so. But wait, there's already a billion name sites on the web, so go there and leave me alone.

Second, if you don't like a pairing I do, fine well and dandy. However, if I don't "ew" your pairing, kindly have the same respect for me and mine. And also, spell "pedophile" right, and make sure you know what the damn meaning is. The characters mentioned were both legal, irregardless if one does act childish a lot. There's no different in my mind between all those Sanzo/Goku fics than a Hakkai/Goku one. Hakkai doesn't act like a father to Goku, he acts like a mother hen to all of them. Frankly, I don't like Sanzo/Goku just because of the personality differences, but that's just my opinion, and I don't plan to go "ew" about it.

Last on the agenda of morning Stupid. Even if the list is dead, there's a little thing called common courtesy that is emplyed before posting about your ML. See, you run it by the admin first and wait a decent amount of time. If you get no answer, then do as you see fit. I personally wouldn't say anything without the admin's permission. But at the very least, try. The admin will either say yes or no. But if you don't ask first, you run a big, fat, 12-foot dildo sized risk of getting on the admin's bad side. And 3/4 of my sides are working with only one nerve left.

See, little annoying shit in the morning, especially Sunday morning, when all i want to do is recover, does not make for a very compassionate LN. Indeed, if I seem more snarky and ill-tempered than usual, it's because the intellectually impaired all came knocking on my inbox today.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

(10:54 pm PT) - Behold, I bring you massive ego, and it ain't mine
[link] - (annoyed)

Sometimes while spying a fic with a summary that leaves me less than interested, I turn to the reviews to see what others have said, and maybe get a general idea before I decide if I want to read.

So, I'm in the Gravitation section at Media Minor, and the fic at top at that moment was something called "The Cardboard Box." The summary didn't do anything for me, so I went to the reviews.

The first review is by some--person--calling themselves icediamond. They may have had valid points in the first paragraph, but then they follow it up with this:

"Oddly enough, though, I somewhat like your fic. I can't quite pinpoint what it is. You've managed to hit most my pet peeves rather badly at some point, but I still enjoy it. Be proud. Very few people have ever managed that."

And all I could think of was, "Hello? Who annointed you into the higher realms of fanfiction divinity? Just because you somewhat like the fic, the writer should be proud that s/he's managed the oh so impossible feat of creating something you enjoy? I wasn't aware that this was the supreme goal in life! And here I thought fanfic writers wrote just for the hell of it, because they wanted to."

What makes this a target for my own sarcastic madwoman rantings is the fact that said reviewer trashes her own writing in the same review. This, after giving some advice, then admitting the suggestion doesn't work for them when they try it.

These are the people who make me want to plead to every writer who writes solely for entertainment to just stop. I believe fanfic writers have become too hellbent on being taken seriously because some readers, not all, feel they are owed a certain quality simply because they chose to take time out to read a story.

Considering it's all free, no one's getting paid, and writer's usually don't own the characters they're writing about, I find the thought of owing a person for something they chose to do ludicrous at best.

Ah, but I suppose that's just my age showing, remembering when fanfiction and fandoms were fun, and if something wasn't liked, it simply wasn't read. Seems like such a faraway concept now...

Friday, October 10, 2003

(11:13 am PT) - They CAN get worse
[link] - (annoyed)

To: Whoever is in charge at ff.net
From: one of countless annoyed people who suffer by administrative decisions
Subject: pointless layout

Re: Saying you suck would be redundant. Everyone knows this is common knowledge. Oh please, don't misunderstand. I don't think you suck because of content. You can't control the crappage of fics that are uploaded. (Well, actually you could, but we won't go there.) That NC-17 thing, though. Yes, your suck-o-rama stems from that and other questionable decisions made over time. But again, we won't go there.

No, this time the reason you suck is because of the new, utterly pointless layout. Now, instead of utilising the entire screen as you used to do, there's now at least a good third of blank, wasted space as the content is narrowed into a smaller column.

And the point? Do you think this makes it look more aesthetically pleasing? Perhaps I could is if there were a background image, but all that's there is plain white.

In short, there is no point, and frankly, I find it unattractive and just harder to read.

Now I already know that this layout will probably be around. Let's face it, when it comes to what your visitors want, you don't listen. (Unless it's to the group of right-wing, fanatic people who's child stumbled onto a bad fic and shame on you, take that down or I'll tell [insert authority type here]. Nevermind said people should be watching their own damn brats, but I digress.) But even a hack like myself can see there was no reason for the change. The previous layout was perfectly fine and I'm pretty sure it worked in most browsers anyway, least far as appearances went.

It wasn't broken, it didn't need to be fixed.

Yet, as I said, I know there's nothing anyone will say that will "encourage" you to change it back. So just draw another line on your suck board, mmkay?

Monday, September 22, 2003

(10:00 pm PT) - a prayer
[link] - (annoyed)

[insert deity name here], I beseech you. Deliver me from the stupid and the lazy, for the former annoy, and the latter do not read.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

(10:04 am PT) - Don't assume I'm an idiot just because you can't understand the question
[link] - (annoyed)

(Warning: overusage of the i and ins tag, anal retentive break down of the English language, version colloquial US.)

Lessons for today, people.

Don't answer a question without first breaking down the parts of the sentence and understanding the content.
If the question seems too vague to comprehend, ask for more clarity before trying to answer.
Don't answer a question with something totally unrelated.
Don't assume unrelated answer is something new/unknown.
Don't answer a question if you don't have an answer, period.

For example, if I ask how hard would it be to implement an option in a program, does that not mean I already know this doesn't presently exist?

Would: past tense of will. Definition 1. as described in the The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.

Used to indicate simple futurity

Future. Not present, future. So telling me it's not available now is this side of redundant idiocy. I know not now.

Furthermore, if I'm asking about enabling the ability to use plugins, do not tell me how to make new pages. The two are not related, and you make an arse of youself in assuming I don't currently possess that information.

Finally, if you do not have the answer, don't waste my time and yours with the preceeding. I ask a question because I want an answer, not the equivalent of "I don't know." That reply is only good if I'm speaking directly to a single person. Obviously if I'm posting on a message board, and I don't request the answer from any specific individual, then that does not obligate one to answer if they do not have the information I seek.

So again, to review. Don't answer if you don't understand. Don't answer with OT info. Don't assume OT info is wanted. Don't answer if you don't know.

Now obviously the person who needs to read this won't, but perhaps if any of you run into this problem with someone else, you can point them to here and let them get a quick tutorial.

</pet peeve>

Saturday, August 30, 2003

(9:01 am PT) - hn
[link] - (annoyed)

Two week early period, couple with mother-unit having asshole bf, added to people not doing their job, and toss in random inane idiocy for spice.

This is one of many recipes for a cheesed-off LN. Low calorie, high sarcasm diet.

And I haven't been chatting too much lately, or doing much of anything besides working on archive. I'm waiting for a list owners/mods from one ML to get back to me about posting. I'm only posting to a few, and hoping word of mouth spreads the rest around. I actually don't see or want to get as popular as ff.net, but it will give yaoi writers a place to go and not worry about "U R SICK!!1!" reviews. (I'll delete and start calling ISPs about harassment, I swear.)

I'm going to take today off as my uterus sends it's armed forces against me. Call in the Excedrin brigade.

Friday, July 25, 2003

(12:33 pm PT) - Annoyed
[link] - (annoyed)

You know it's sad when people who aren't a part of a group working together for whatever reason do more than someone actually in the group.

I personally would like to lock the party out for the duration of Blogathon.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

(12:41 pm PT) - Just for the record...
[link] - (annoyed)

People, call me anal if you want, but this is a new pet peeve, with a better than 85% chance of becoming an outright annoyance.

Posting a link to trick people into doing whatever gimmick/game/trend is currently out right now, i.e. site where "your brain has been eaten. so-n-so has eaten n number of brains today," or "You've been eaten by so-n-so's monster, who has grown a foot," is no better than spam. Why? Because of how it's done. How many spam subjects have some seemingly innocent looking subject like: "about your site," only to open it and see Jane getting fucked by a dog?

Guess what? It's the same thing.

What this is going to make me do is not follow any link you (in general) post if you happen to do this. Cry wolf, remember? And it may be something important, or enjoyable, whatever. I'm not going to believe you anymore, because you lied to me once, just like the spammers.

Sure, say it, anal retentive, but you know something? I dislike clicking on links that are a waste of my time as much as I do opening spam...

Which we all know is always a waste of time.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

(1:11 pm PT) - Okaaay...
[link] - (annoyed)

If anyone needs me, I'll be over here beating my head in as I try to get used to this shit Windows XP.

And you know, I don't care if the stuff fits at a higher res. I am really freakin' tempted to lower it down to 800x600.

Monday, May 19, 2003

(2:54 pm PT) - Memo to the world
[link] - (annoyed)

To: the world
From: LN
Re: You suck

Since you suck so much by constantly trying to aggravate me (probably the only good thing you're good at), I've decided to take the day off. This means no matter what you send to me today, I'm not going to acknowledge it until this time tomorrow. Only places that matter is here, here, and my own little cavern room IRL. So for the next 24 hours, kiss off.

Have a nice day.

Monday, May 12, 2003

(6:47 am PT) - On a random note
[link] - (annoyed)

To all you misogynistic males roaming the earth, I have something to say as a woman who sees the average male as a sex object. Since self replication is not yet possible and there's only one way you got on this planet, do us all a favor. Go kill yourselves. Take out your mother too, or whoever raised/damaged you to make you that way.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

(2:49 pm PT) - Nothing but a rant, probably boring
[link] - (annoyed)

No coincidence
when I'm empty of tears
the sky cries for me

That pretty much sums up what happened just a minute ago, literally.

Why are people just so opinionated? And before anyone questions, I don't go purposely seeking opinions out unless I...
1. read a person's blournal
2: have their LJ on my friend's page
3: ask directly
Obviously I'm not talking about that, because if I don't like an opinion in any of those means of communication, well, nobody's holding a gun to my head, are they?

No, I'm talking about opinions in truly public forums, be it an ML, a messageboard, or (the worst) out in public. (I think RL is bad due to the tone the opinion is usually given, least around here. I swear the evil meter is off the scale in my area.)

I'm not going to mention the first thing that set me off for now, which occurred in the Nucleus forums. I'm still miffed at that, but I can't post about it rationally at this time.

The second thing however, I'll go ahead with. Another Self-Declared Editor on a ML is forgetting the obvious as they state what's cliched about a fandom.

Ahem. Everyone is well aware of a character's name. Said SDE states using any other description is a cliche. Perhaps, but let's see what happens if we stick to using just the names (and pronouns), hm?

(For those who don't know, Gojyo is 1: a redhead, 2: a half-breed (human-youkai) and considered a taboo child, as such unions are looked own on, especially if they produce a child.)

Now then, the example. No description, just the name(s) and pronouns

Gojyo looked out the window, watching the smoke of his cigarette trail up into evening sky. He was down to his last one, not that he cared. Push come to shove, he could always steal one from Sanzo. Okay, Gojyo knew he'd be risking death, but that was nothing new.

"Least we still have beer," Gojyo thought. Anything would help this sudden bout of melancholy he seemed to be suffering. If asked, he couldn't think of where it came from or what triggered it. At one point he's teasing Goku, the next, he can't wait to hole himself up in his room.

Normal? Not bloody likely. Didn't mean Gojyo knew what was going on inside his own head. And it was that thought that scared him more than anything.

"This sucks." Finishing off the cig, Gojyo got up and paced the length of his room twice before sitting back down. Thank god he had the beer. Maybe he could drink himself to sleep and forget. By tomorrow he'd be his old self again, right?

Well, that was the plan, anyway.

A quiet sigh disturbed the silence of the room. Gojyo stared out his window, vaguely wondering if his smoke was still trailing out somewhere over the land. For a brief, insane moment, Gojyo realized he envied the smoke. Unlike him, it was free to go wherever it wished. And while he could say he wasn't obligated to go on this trip, Gojyo knew better.

Gojyo looked up into the sky, gave an empty, meaningly prayer to whatever god was bored enough to listen, and drank his beer.

Anyone else think the use of "Gojyo" got redundant real fast? What if I hadn't given the previous description of him? If you didn't know or you're just getting into Saiyuki, would you have been able to glean anything about Gojyo from that, other than the fact he smokes and drinks?

Granted, maybe one has read "taboo," "half-breed," "half-youkai," and "redhead" as descriptions a million times in different fics. Looking at the suggested alternative, I think I'll deal with that particular cliche.

Point: descriptions break redundancy if used in moderation.

And last note, I found it amusing this SDE says one should use "Gojou." Nevermind all official merchandise lists the name "Gojyo." And let's not forget the fact that in teh anime, the pronunciation is not "Go-joe" (phonetics). The o is not elongated, which is what "ou" would imply is one spells it that way.

Oh, but what do I know. I'm not an SDE. (thank goddess)

I'm not advocating bad fanfiction. Hardly, it can be very painful to read. But there is far too much critiquing of fanfiction going around. Regular fiction, I can understand. There's a lot more going into the creation of a completely new world/setting/cast. A writer who plans to step out of the realm of self-publishing online to hopefully a career should want and need all the constructive critisicm they can get. Fanfiction should not be viewed in the same way, IMO.

But wait, there's the other side of the coin. To those new and not-so-new writers who ask for criticism, then get huffed or outraged when they don't hear what they want, grow up. You can't fault anyone for being honest when you gave your permission for them to do so. If you don't want it, don't ask for it. If you're not sure, either don't ask for it, or only ask one or two people who you're familiar with who you know will give you an honest opinion regardless of that familiarity.

I've blown up at a few critiques over various things, but see, I never asked for them. If I put a fic up at ffn (hah, yeah, right), then in essence, yes, I'd be asking for a critique. (Now ask if I'd get a helpful or constructive one from that place.) I don't post there, and I only post to MLs where C&C is request only. (I first encountered this method at the RRyaoi ML and found it works best.) I've only asked those people I know because I don't plan on going professional, and I respect their opinion. Besides, they know my strengths and weaknesses better. Finally, SDEs are not as objective as they may believe. Everyone has their own perception on things, which color our view towards 98% of things we encounter either online of off.

And here we come to the simple rules when it comes to opinions. 1. If nobody asks, don't offer. 2. If you asked for one, don't bitch about it.

Yes, I know the net is pretty much an open field. But most of my opinions are staying in this spot. I'm not going to chase anyone down and force it on them.

The tone of this is so ranty, (even though I feel better having gotten it out). Maybe my next one will talk more of the beautiful overcast clouds drifting in the sky.

Monday, March 03, 2003

(7:17 pm PT) - Sometimes
[link] - (annoyed)

Sometimes I really need a little more faith in myself. I was convinced that I couldn't edit the plugin that allows my blournal to send a full item through my rss feeds. I don't want anything in the extended box showing, you see. But no, I thought I didn't know enough about PHP and programming scripts in general to fix it.

Don't ask me where the kick in the pants came in, but I just got curios and opened the file.

It only took editing a line and one argument.

So now I feel stupid for convincing myself I was stupid in the beginning.

Yes, I've paid my daily homage to the Supreme Stupid.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

(8:12 pm PT) - Chili Fritos... more comfort food...
[link] - (annoyed)

Before I begin, I'd like to direct attention to my latest LJ entry. If you happen to be a supporter of Aestheticism, however, you won't like it. If you think they're a bunch of hypocritical elitist, then please, carry on.

Domino - It may be a month of so before I can try it out, though maybe I can rent it to see if I like it, ne? Thanks for the suggestion, I need all the games I can get.

Mchan - Och! So sad. Poor Gojyo. And not knowing what's happened to Hakkai... ::sniffles:: Do you think you'll ever add on to it, or do you consider it a finished piece?

I'd be more social, but I haven't made my blournal rounds yet. So off I go.

Oh yeah, before I do, to any person who happens to think DMC2 is inferior to DMC and it should have been more like the original, 1: if you wanted another DMC clone, just go play the damn game again. 2: How many of you actually bought DMC for the storyline? Answer, 0. You didn't know about the story before you bought it, now did you? 3: If it's so bad, go make your own and see how well you do.

You hate it, fine. I'm tired of listening to the lot of you bitch and whine. Quit playing the fucking thing. Go play something else. Let the rest of us enjoy it.

Thank you, that is all.

edit: the above mini rant is mostly aimed to the gaming mbs like at GameFAQ, which seem to be populated by spoiled brats who have nothing better to do that complain.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

(3:10 pm PT) - Now look...
[link] - (annoyed)

If I sign up for a yaoi list, I expect yaoi fics. I don't want het, or I'd join a het list. I don't want gen, or I'd join a gen list. I want yaoi and shounen ai. So I will join a yaoi list. Period.

If I sign up for a couple based list, say, GojyoxHakkai, then I expect fics with Gojyo and Hakkai as the main focus. I don't expect a Sanzo-Goku fic with a side of Gojyo and Hakkai. The redhead and the bruentte had better be the main course, damnit. Same as if I'd join a SanzoxGojyo list. I'm sure this is what the owner expected when they created the list in the first place. If I don't like a given topic or pairing, guess what? I don't join. If the list changes and the owner or the mod makes it an official change, and I don't like it, I leave. It's their list, they know how to run it.

So to you people who feel a list should be run this way or that, got news for you, it's not your list. If you want to have say in how a list is run, go make your own. It is not that hard. Then you can politely ask the mod of the original list if you can advertise for your own. That's called common courtesy, which seems to be a dying art.

There, simple. No muss, no fuss. Now please step aside so I can enjoy yaoi fics from a yaoi list.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

(10:03 pm PT) - Lover-lii
[link] - (annoyed)

Connection is unstable, so I'm not even going to bother trying to log into any chats. Apologies to Mchan and Ki.

Oh yes, before I'm crapped off again, in "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" Daffy has his name listed on the script as "Daffy Dumas Duck."

Go figure.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

(12:32 pm PT) - And she wonders why I snap...
[link] - (annoyed)

She knew we had a 1pm appointment. The bus we want arrives at the stop at 12:46. She knew this before 10am this morning. She knew. Is she ready? It's 12:30. She's probably either still cooking or just now getting ready.

If she thinks I won't leave her, she's sadly mistaken. I have fare to get there, and I can get money off an ATM and get back home. It's no shit off my ass.

But she has the nerve to ask me why do I snap at her.


Some people, even the ones you love, can have such fucing moronic moments it's not funny.

Friday, December 27, 2002

(7:13 pm PT) - Wash
[link] - (annoyed)

Kit. Kinda figured it was too late when it hit 3 anyway. Oh well, the best I can hope for is she pays a visit out here again one day. Sorry I missed you, Jasmine.

This month sucked dead hairy goat nuts.

Give me a time for Sunday, Kit.

In other news, supposedly the 'guests' are getting out on the 31st. Key word, supposedly. I see therapist on Monday. I'm going to make clear to her that if they're not gone, I want that trip to the mental. It's quiet, and the bathrooms are clean.

I'm feeling a little creative, so I'm going to work on layout designs for a KH place. It's something to do, and hopefully I'll be left in peace enough to actually do it. Because the last few days I have not been.

And if somene else asks me to copy a CD for them, I'm going to scream and hit them over the head with a stack of blank ones.

::goes off to finish chow mein::

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

(5:44 pm PT) - If you cracked open his head, all you'd get is cheeze whiz
[link] - (annoyed)

New Genism: The painfully obvious will always be missed by a moron.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

(8:55 pm PT) - And lo... my brain imploded.
[link] - (annoyed)

I don't get it. I really don't.

If everyone gets the same welcome message, and it has the same link: http://www.yaoiville.org/mls/topics.htm, and it says the same thing...

Discussions and threads should center around yaoi and shounen ai centric topics. Topics focusing on characterization are fine so long as the thread itself doesn't generate an over abundance of messages. Generally, any topic that 1: is not centered around the main topic of the given ML or 2: goes into gameplay (i.e. how hard a boss is, game tips, etc) are not considered on topic. Because deciding what is an isn't on topic is still a grey area, please note the admin has the final call on whether a thread is OT or not

If everyone gets all this info the same way... why does someone still ask for gameplay help?

And just in case anyone from the ML should be reading this: 1. my blog. 2. no names are being posted to protect identities. But I feel a need to rant, and I'm doing it.

Ugh. And this on top of a migraine plus the stress of controlling myself so I don't shoot my sister.

That trip to the nuthouse is looking better and better.

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