Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(5:28 pm PT) - For the record
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I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm just stuck somewhere under a pile of schoolwork and family problems. On the family front, it looks like my cousin will be able to visit this Saturday.

Ah, and little mix-up. He's not my nephew. (I wish, but none of mom's kids are too keen about reproducing just yet.) He's a first cousin twice removed. (What a mouthful.) Though something tells me I will wind up being called aunt.

Maybe I'll have him call me tante.

School sucks. There's no other way to call it, really. I'm doing okay gradewise, but it's like school concentrate. And I can't add water.

And damn you, Marvel. Sabretooth is not supposed to look hot. And I certainly didn't want to get into a new series. ::grumbles::

Sunday, May 29, 2005

(11:57 am PT) - Yeah, still coding
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Haven't been around much, I know. Coding again, but not for me this time. I'm helping the Obsession Group. It's a bit involved since it needs such things as a forum, download area, (though the forum of choice comes with one, I'll have to look into that), torrent tracker, and a cms for the front page. And that's just the basics. Fortunately, Mayu liked the idea of using Nucleus, which I'm quite familiar with, so that eased some things. Still not close to done, but you can see how it's shaping up if you want. (demo site)

So that's chewing up my time, and probably made me forget to reply in a few places, for which I apologise.

Kalli: I certainly would appreciate going half on the ad in the ycon book. I just have to figure out the ad itself. I'm thinking just something from the title image/slogan. Same with the stickers, which I'll try to get the pic your way, though tell me what size it should be. As for the contest, I'm still going to do it, but decided to just bump it to June 1st.

Ki: PO said it should get there Tuesday/Wednesday, something like that.

Mirchan: I don't know if what I have planned will get there in time, but something is on it's way to you.

Ah well, back to coding.

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