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Anything, fic-wise, that I may have or will write. I can't say I'll complete every story I start, but I'll give it a try.

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Finding Forgiveness
Phoenix Wright - Post 4-4, after a painful visit with Kristoph, Klavier finds himself at the Wright office, where he finds an unlikely source of comfort and understanding in Phoenix, unaware that Phoenix's empathy comes from suffering a similar experience.
T17 - angst, hurt/comfort - published: 02/9/2008 - updated: 02/9/2008

Sophisticated Fools
Phoenix Wright - A 'small' wager with Franziska ends with Miles taking Phoenix to the opera. But there's a few things to do first, and a few things to learn along the way.
T13 - humour, romance - published: 05/8/2008 - updated: 18/8/2008

Misc - Sakon remembers when he learned to talk for himself, and what he gains from it.
AA - general, drama - published: 05/8/2006 - updated: 05/8/2006

ultra letum (beyond death)
Original - Key fic. To Adrien, death was the ultimate perfection. But a stranger wants to show him what lay beyond perfection.
MA - drama/general - published: 15/9/2005 - updated: 15/9/2005

Mafdet upon Maat
Kingdom Hearts - Riku's thoughts and journey as he looks for the way out of Kingdom Hearts.
PG - light/drama - published: 28/9/2002 - updated: 16/1/2005

Suimin no Gen'ei (Illusion of Sleep)
Slayers - Gourry disappeared twenty years ago. Lina thinks he's dead, Amelia still hopes, and Zel's simply "gone to sleep." Who's right?
PG - drama - published: 30/11/2002 - updated: 16/1/2005

Lumina's Dreamer
FFX - Rin let a little something slip to Tidus, and remembers his first love.
G - light/drama - published: 16/1/2005 - updated: 16/1/2005

Sadiki's Harmony
FFX - Sometimes a promise is so strong, it can defy even time and death until it has been satisfied. Rin made such a promise, but now, he's about to be released from it...
PG - drama - published: 14/6/2002 - updated: 16/1/2005

Dance of the Full Moon
Slayers - (Zel/Gourry/?Marron?) Zel has a secret he was trying to keep, but when he decides to act on his impulse, things get even more chaotic that usual for the chimera. Crossover with Sorcerer Hunters.
PG-13 - light/humour - published: 28/9/2002 - updated: 16/1/2005

Autumn at the Door
FFX - (Rin/Tidus) After all is said and done with Sin, Tidus asks Rin if he can come in...
G - drama - published: 16/1/2005 - updated: 16/1/2005

Myrrh Mists
FFX - After the end of Sin and Tidus's story, someone feels the weight of a lost chance on their shoulders and seeks to make up for it, any way they can.
PG - drama - published: 16/1/2005 - updated: 16/1/2005

Gaia Enola
Kingdom Hearts - (Sora/Riku) Post KH. After the events in the game, Sora finally finds Riku again. But after living so long in the darkness of Kingdom Hearts, will anyone be able to get through to him? (AU)
R - angst - published: 01/10/2002 - updated: 14/1/2005

Saiyuki - some things that might be going through Doukugakuji's head.
PG-13 - drama - published: 27/1/2003 - updated: 14/1/2005